Membership to the Moving Murals Gallery allows the client to lease immersive artwork for as long as the Membership is current. The Moving Mural artwork can be exchanged at scheduled intervals.


Benefits of Membership – Redefine, Sample, and Enjoy – Exhibit what you want for as long as you want

-Complete access to our full Limited Edition Moving Murals Gallery.
-No Contracts.
-Cost-effective alternative to traditional art purchases.
-Sample Limited Edition artwork from the Gallery before you buy.
-Explore the potential of any room; experiment with moods, colors, and rhythm.
-Create atmospheres for events, seasons, and changes in décor.
-Exclusive access to new releases and special pricing on Limited Edition Purchases.
-For businesses and organizations, turn an artistic feature into a ROI opportunity.

How to Become a Member:

Purchase your choice of a Moving Murals Portal or Moving Murals Passport.

A Moving Murals Portal is a fully integrated system that exhibits the Living Art selections in their purest form whether you choose to display portrait or landscape orientation.

A Moving Murals Passport allows you to transform your current 1080p HDTV (or beyond) into an art display.

Sign up for a Residential or Commercial Membership.

You are now ready to receive content through the mail. A Folio will be sent to you, which contains your art selection. For more product information please visit our Products section. All Members require the Moving Murals Passport. Note that the Passport is included when purchasing a Moving Murals Portal.

-Residential Membership begins at $49 per month.
-Commercial Membership starts at $99 per month.
-Membership is Month-to-Month. No Contracts.
-Convenient and automatic monthly payment options.
-We stand behind our product with a Money Back Guarantee.

What Happens Next? You've become a Member. Now what?

Select your desired Mural(s) and a Folio containing the artwork will be shipped to you. The Folio is a small (3.9”x2.8”) hardware component and slides directly into the Passport to begin displaying Living Art in True Definition.


When you wish to exchange your Moving Murals artwork, simply return the Folio to us and note your desired selection(s). To prevent your display from being without Moving Mural content extra Folios can be purchased. Having a dedicated traveler for art exchanges means you never have to settle for a black screen. Additional Folios start at $399.

What You Receive:

We've talked about equipment, but what can you expect in terms of the artwork itself?

All Moving Murals consist of high-resolution digital photographs. Typical scenes are comprised of 5000-6000 photographs. The standard Folio with the $49 Membership can hold scenes composed of up to 11,000 photographs. Folios with greater capacity are available.

True Definition is achieved when these high-resolution photographs are displayed at a rate of 24 frames per second, which our eyes perceive as fluid motion. And this is the essence of the Moving Mural. It ensures that we bring you the authentic experience from a given scene, without any nuance being lost in translation. Note that high-resolution photographs are free of all forms of compression found in present day visual media such as cable, DirecTV, Blu-Ray, DVD, and Web video streams.


A Commercial Membership can benefit immensely from integration of Branding and Messaging along with other Advertising and Promotional opportunities. Additional fees will apply. Contact us for more information or a custom quote.


Innovation Award

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Content Membership

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