True Definition is a new visual platform achieved through mindful innovation. We cannot accurately draw comparisons in the marketplace, so we are creating a new lexicon to describe our unparalleled deliverable. The product line elevates any viewing experience, essentially redefining the cliché ‘you’ve got to see it to believe it’. To provide some context, Blu-Ray is considered the highest quality visual format on the consumer market today. Through the advent of True Definition, Moving Murals are a staggering 25 times higher quality than Blu-Ray technology. Choose from the options below and give yourself the opportunity to Exhibit Awe.

Passport and Folio

Make any 1080p HDTV look better than it ever has by pairing it with a Moving Murals Passport. The Passport connects to the 1080p HDTV via HDMI cable and outfits the panel with the ability to showcase Moving Murals. The Passport relays a True Definition signal to the screen. But it doesn’t do it alone. The Folio is integral to the equation and enables the bandwidth needed to display in True Definition. The Folio houses all Moving Murals content. Simply insert the Folio into the Passport to engage your Moving Mural. There is no complex menu system or interface. Operation is effortless.


Select a Portal for the ultimate True Definition viewing experience. The complete integrated solution exhibits Moving Murals in their purest form. Not only will the Portal transport the viewer into the selected Mural, but its unique design features complement the diverse environments where it will inevitably be showcased. Once engaged, a Moving Murals Portal is an always ‘on’ solution. It lives and evolves in your space. The Portal also allows the client to access our substantial gallery of vertical content which remains beyond the grasp of those using pre-existing HDTVs. Don’t limit yourself to one orientation! Embrace the entire Moving Murals Gallery.




Innovation Award

Moving Murals awarded highest recognition of design innovation in Toronto...


Display in
True Definition™

Customizable industry forward LED displays bring Moving Murals to life...


Content Membership

Change the view in your room with a home or business subscription starting at $49...


Integrate Your
Corporate Brand

Customize the ambient scene of your choice with your logo or brief message...

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